Beautiful Wedding Videography

Your wedding day.

Multiply it by 18,250 days. That equals fifty years.  Your wedding video gives you that many opportunities to fall in love again.

Your wedding video keeps the perfect memory of your wedding day fresh and alive to share with your children and grandchildren some day.  It will serve as a tangible reminder that life is good and how much you love each other.

A beautiful film from ExtraStep will give you a lifetime of happiness.  Such a simple pleasure.  Let us have the pleasure of creating something beautiful for you.

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Over 1900 weddings
Over the last 25 years

Thank you for considering ExtraStep Films to quietly and discreetly capture the special moments of your wedding day.  For over 25 years years, we have been honored to have produced over 1,900 wedding films for our clients.

Shooting in super-clear high definition video, we will make your wedding film sizzle as we tell your special Love Story as only ExtraStep Films can.

Our favorite compliment is: “We don’t even remember seeing you at the wedding”.  And while we’re not invisible, your wedding day will be filmed in a low-key unobtrusive manner.

After all, this is your wedding day, not a movie set.  We don’t use bright lights and would never make any guest of yours feel uncomfortable in any way. You have our promise!

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Professional Videography for Philadelphia & South Jersey Weddings.